Go Green for Your Next Kitchen Remodel in Escondido

Planning your next kitchen remodel in Escondido can actually be lots of fun if you decide to go green. How so? It’s really simple – with each choice you make, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing: saving money in the long run, protecting the environment and securing a healthier, sustainable space for you and your family. We can also show you that an eco-friendly kitchen remodel can be every bit as trendy as a ‘’typical’’ remodel. Take a look at how you can achieve all this with just a few green ideas.

Eco Friendly Flooring Crew

Linoleum Flooring - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Kitchen floor is the most conspicuous part of your kitchen and can be the hardest to maintain. That’s where the eco-friendly kitchen flooring solutions kick in – cork and linoleum are the rock stars of the group. All environmentally conscious folks want them and they are in high demand. No surprise there, really. These guys rule kitchen remodel in Escondido.

Linoleum doesn’t let out toxic materials after it’s installed and is made from entirely renewable materials. Cork is a fast-growing material, which makes it not only sustainable, but also very pliant. And pliant means one thing – it’s soft and perfect for walking barefoot. And let’s not forget an equally important thing – cork is resistant to water and dust and perfect if you suffer from allergies.

Green Lights All the Way

Eco-friendly kitchen lighting has recently picked up speed, with more and more homeowners wanting to make a statement with their kitchen lighting scheme. When you think about it, how many times did you feel frustrated because there wasn’t enough light in the areas where you needed them most? For example, the cooking area. You would turn on all the lights in the kitchen without even solving this problem and (by the way) wasting unnecessary amounts of energy (and dollars). Those days are finally over.

Energy Star-certified LED lights come in a variety of energy-efficient bulbs, ranging from highly practical task light bulbs for the cooking area, remotely-controlled accent lights to dimmable lights that create a romantic atmosphere. Although initially pricey, LEDs pay off incredibly fast because of their practicality, energy-efficiency and trendy design.

Water-Efficient and Water Filtration Fixtures

Smart Kitchen Appliances - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Preserving water in California has always been a point of interest, now more than ever. There are water-efficient fixtures, such as faucets, that can save up to 50% of water used in the kitchen. There are other fixtures and appliances, such as tankless water heaters and low-flow faucets that can also go a long way in reducing water usage. For improved water quality, homeowners now install water purifiers. All of these appliances look infinitely more modern than the traditional ones, proving that an eco-friendly kitchen remodel is somewhat of a design makeover.

Salvaged Wood from the Hood

Alongside the muscular butcher block, salvaged wood is really making a name for itself, not only in terms of eco-friendliness, but also in terms of design. Homeowners are tired of cookie-cutter design solutions and are looking for something fresh. And what’s more time-saving than looking around your local area? Visit some of the local shops that clean and repurpose used wood, and you will find incredible pieces that can make all the difference to your kitchen.

By purchasing locally-sourced salvaged wood, you go green all the way. Saved money on transport – check. No trees cut down – check. Empowered your local community – check. And it doesn’t end there. You can use salvaged wood for flooring, cabinets, countertops, kitchen islands – you name it.

Energy-Saving Appliances

If you thought that going green means getting rid of all the electronics, you are gravely mistaken. Harnessing technology for environmental purposes is at the core of the green movement. So much so, in fact, that you can find a wide range of Energy Star-labelled appliances, including the bulkier ones like refrigerators and dishwashers, not to mention ice makers. You don’t have to give up the everyday kitchen appliances – just replace the old ones (that devoured both energy and your hard-earned dollars) with their energy-saving modern counterparts.

Green and Stainless

And just as you started thinking ‘’OK, so now you want me to paint the walls green and get some green table cloths and plate mats’’, here comes a surprise – you can have your kitchen black, but it can still be green. Not making much sense? Well, if you prefer your kitchen dark and edgy, go for black stainless steel. Although it doesn’t look it, but it’s 60% recycled. And that can only mean one thing – stainless steel IS eco-friendly.

Refaced Cabinets

Modern kitchen Interior - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Just because your kitchen cabinets look a bit shabby, it doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Go for cabinet refacing instead. Talk to your local kitchen remodel Escondido contractor about the materials they use for cabinet refacing. Do they contain harmful VOCs? Suggest using salvaged wood – as we said, it’s great for the environment and your cabinets will look just the way you want them. Buying new cabinets often means transport costs and that (as you’ve gathered so far) is a big eco-friendly no-no. Also, what would you do with the old cabinets? Just throw them away? If your existing cabinets are broken and dysfunctional, you can buy new ones and donate the old ones to your local salvaged wood shops.

Go Green with CHI – Your Premier Kitchen Remodel Escondido Contractor

Classic Home Improvements is a reliable Escondido contractor dedicated to the local community. We support innovations and incorporate them into our projects. We believe that a sustainable lifestyle isn’t an expensive one. That is why our kitchen remodel services are reasonably priced and aimed at giving our customers clean and beautiful kitchens. Call us today – let’s go green together!

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