Are wet bars making a comeback?

home design We think it is shocking, really.  The Wet Bar is making a comeback to homes all over the United States!  Sometimes seen the basement of 70’s homes with a Tiki lamp nearby, wet bars have been re-revolutionized and are getting more and more modern.

Single Wall Wet Bars

Countertop on one wall with windows
Wet bars are now being seen in living rooms and are being built with much more sophistication. Single-wall wet bars are a great way to put walls with views to work. You won’t have upper cabinets to deal with.  All your bottles and glasses can be stored can be kept below.  This allows you to have more counter space and maybe even add a sink.

Floor to Ceiling Wet Bars

White cabinets with wet bar

Floor-to-ceiling wet bars can give your room wonderful look. It looks as if that wet bar was always meant to be there. This concept will look great in various finishes and wood cabinets. You can have upper cabinets with glass doors to show off your beautiful crystal glasses.  Add a decorative backsplash add wefor color or sparkle.  Below you can have under cabinets and a wine fridge!  Keep all your wine bottles stored at the appropriate temperature and ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

Wet Bar (Floor to ceiling) with Floating Shelves

Rustic wet bar - Home Remodeling San Diego
If you want a more modern look, opt for floating shelves instead of cabinetry. Floating shelves is a great way to display decorative pieces in your bar area. You can do a lot with this modern space by mixing in metallic and textures.


Pass Through Wet Bars

Wet bar between living area and family areawet bar between living room and entertainment area

Pass through wet bars are bars that have a cut out through the wall allowing you to see into the other room. This is a great way to make drinks and still be engaged with your guests while they wait in the other room.

Wet Bar with Wine Cubbies

Are you a wine connoisseur and maybe these types of wet bars aren’t appealing to you or your wine collection?  Fear not, wet bars have not forgotten about you.  Cabinetry has gotten better over the years by thinking of ways to make the everyday homeowners life easier.  Then they came up with wine storage.  Instead of having upper cabinets, get wine cubbies.  This is a great way to display and show off your wine collection.

L Shaped Wet Bar

If you have a lot of dead space in your home and you want to fill it with something interesting, try an L-Shaped wet bar.  This layout lets you have more room to prep, perfect for holiday parties or small get togethers.  Add glass cabinets or wine racks for your uppers, include a sink or wine fridge below. The most deck out wet bar has the most potential when there is room to play with.

Remodeling San Diego

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