Home Remodeling Colors and Their Emotional Impact

Interior designers take many things into consideration when designing your space.  Each aspect of your home is considered from the exterior architecture down to your lifestyle.  One thing the interior designer will speak with you about is your color preferences.

When you speak with your kitchen and bathroom designer they will want to know what your favorite colors are as well as the colors you want to avoid.  You may have some colors in your space that can not be changed, as well.  Before you have that discussion, we would like to introduce you to remodeling colors and their emotional impact.


Bright yellow kitchen

Yellow is a natural stimulate of your appetite and it elicits a feeling of happiness which is why it is always included in restaurant’s logos.  The color yellow comes in many tones, if you are short-tempered be sure to avoid bright yellows, as that can increase your irritability in large quantities.




Green is a color which does not require the eye to make any adjustments so it is seen as a natural color.  If you are trying to create a space of balance or refreshment, green is a good color to use.  Green is also used for spaces that are being used for reassurance or environmental awareness.


Blue and White Bathroom - Bathroom Designer San Diego

Blue is considered a serenity color because it reminds us of the sky and water which is why it continues to be a popular color in bathrooms.  Blue is also a color associated with intelligence and logic so it makes a good shade for offices.  As a color often considered calming, many people will also use blues in their kitchen, living, and bedroom areas.


Serenity Grey Bathroom - Bath Designer San Diego

Grey has become very popular in homes because they are psychologically neutral but the absence of color can become depressing if used in the wrong tone or without proper accent colors.  Heavy use of grey can cause lack of energy so be aware of the shade and how much you use grey in your home.


Romantic Master Bathroom - San Diego Bathroom Designer

Violet is often used for the consumer who is introvert and the color encourages deep contemplation.  It is often times associated with wealth and stature.    Use this spiritual color carefully though because excessive use of purple, especially in the wrong tone,  can be seen as cheap if used in too much abundance.

Reds and Pinks

Japanese Style Bedroom with Soshi Doors

Red grabs our attention immediately.  It is a positive color which reflects strength, survival, and excitement if used in the right shades.  Using the wrong shades in your home can create feelings of aggravation.  Red is also used in restaurants, particularly fast food chains because the color red triggers the emotion of “fight or flight” which makes patrons eat faster. Interestingly, the color pink which is a version of red is a natural stress reducer.

Oranges and Browns

San Diego Attic Conversion Fairbanks Ranch

Orange has sensuality and warmth as well as comfort and security.  In some shades of orange it brings out the emotion of fun and playful.  Browns are safe colors and nurturing, likely because it is a nature color.  Some find browns to be boring and dull but that can be changed by mixing with metallic shades or adding texture.  Brown tones are returning in popularity in kitchen and bathroom settings, although white is still by far the most popular at this time.

Home Remodeling and Designers

Your designer understands that not everyone reacts the same towards colors.  There are not only emotional considerations that your designer will consider but also perceptual considerations when selecting colors for your home.  For example warm colors and shades can make a room seem smaller or warmer.  Light colors can increase the perceived space in the total area.

Working Classic Home Improvements as your contractor ensures you will have the benefit of working with a design team that can help you not only design the space but build it as well.  If you need to speak with a kitchen designer or bathroom designer in San Diego or Temecula, give us a call at 858-224-7373!

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