Hottest Kitchen Island Trends in Escondido

Kitchen islands are a smashing hit in kitchen remodeling and they’re not leaving anytime soon. Contemporary kitchen islands are not only more attractive but also more functional. Check out some of the trending kitchen islands that have Escondido homeowners all worked up!

Centerpiece island

In order to have a centerpiece kitchen island, you usually have to have an open-plan kitchen. Luckily, most modern kitchens are open-plan, so all you need to do is choose the one that will complement the countertops and cabinets or serve as a contrast to them. A centerpiece island is typically the largest item in your kitchen, so it’s a great idea to choose more functionality along with enhanced appeal.

White Modern Kitchen - Kitchen Islands Escondido

Closed-cabinet island

In open-space kitchens, it’s not uncommon to see a kitchen island that looks more like a wardrobe than a kitchen element. With closed-door cabinets facing the living room, the island blends in with the living room décor.

Move-me-easily island

A favorite of small kitchen owners, this type of kitchen island is usually petite and extremely functional. You can move it anywhere you need it to be at a given moment and it doesn’t take up much space. You can use it to store small kitchen appliances, flatware or any other items you would otherwise store in a kitchen cabinet.

”Four-sided” island

This type of kitchen island has four functional sides. For example, you can make a seating arrangement on the one side, while using another as storage space or a workstation. It allows for unprecedented functionality – all sides of the kitchen island are put to good use, which minimizes the need for more storage space elsewhere.

Sunny Kitchen with Dining & Sitting Area - Kitchen Islands Escondido

Counter-seating island

Kitchen islands are growing in popularity to such an extent that they might render kitchen tables obsolete. Even if it doesn’t go that far, more and more kitchen islands include a seating area. One side of the island is virtually a dining area, whereas the other one is facing the cooktop and serving as additional storage or containing a sink.

Two-face island

For fashion-forward Escondido homeowners, this kitchen island is a great solution. It basically has two faces, one blending with the living room décor in style, material and color, and the other with the kitchen. Not only does this kitchen island have two faces but can also have two different sets of functionalities. The side facing the living room can actually be a china cupboard while the one facing the kitchen can serve as storage.

Two-level bar-counter island

This kitchen island looks like a regular bar counter at first glance. Its upper level actually serves as a bar counter, whereas the lower level provides extra working or storage space.

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