Kitchen Remodeling Options

If you are in San Marcos CA and you are looking to update your kitchen, you may or may not have a really good idea of what you want to accomplish.  There are several different types of kitchen remodeling options.  Your budget will really determine what you can accomplish in the space.  Generally speaking, here are your kitchen remodeling options…..

Kitchen Update

A simple kitchen remodel update means you are going to modernize your space without changing the floorplan.  This can include re-facing your kitchen cabinets or replacing them entirely.  Updating your kitchen may or may not include new flooring, countertops, appliances, and lighting.  Some homeowners freshen up their kitchen by simply re-painting the space.  If you are hoping to spend less than $15,000 a kitchen update is probably the best option.  In San Diego you are likely to spend over $25,000 if you intend on replacing your cabinetry.

Kitchen Remodel with Floorplan Changes

A kitchen remodel with floorplan changes is generally more costly.  Cabinetry is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel.  Although, if you intend on relocating your sink, refrigerator with water line, and/or gas stovetop or oven your prices will definitely increase because of the labor costs involved.  Adding an island is a great way to increase countertop space but it will also increase the cost of your kitchen remodel.

High End Kitchen Remodel with Island

Kitchen Expansion

There are a few times of kitchen expansion options.  One includes knocking out an exterior wall to push out the space into a yard area.  This means your remodeling contractor will have to match the extended roof and exterior surround of the home to match the existing space.  Another way to expand your kitchen is to expand the cabinetry into an existing living space.

Create an Open Concept Kitchen

A popular San Marcos CA option is to take down a wall to change a galley kitchen to an open concept floorplan.  The first thing your contractor needs to determine is whether or not the wall is load-bearing.  There are two options for you if it is load bearing.  When you meet with a remodeling contractor, you will be given a few options for what you can do with the space if you do not want to deal with the expense of removing a load-bearing wall.

If you know you have an outdated kitchen space and want to modernize but do not have a clue where to start, your best option is to reach out to a local home remodeling contractor.  When you are ready to discuss some ideas about designing your kitchen remodel, need help figuring out the kitchen remodel process works, or would like to get some budgetary numbers so you can start planning your kitchen remodel – give us a call at 858-224-7373!


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