Luxury Flooring Options for Your Kitchen Remodel in Carmel Valley

When thinking about cooking up a kitchen remodel, homeowners often forget the thing that can literally transform their kitchen – flooring. While it’s true that replacing the cabinets has an enormous impact on the kitchen’s makeover, homeowners wishing to do a kitchen remodel in Carmel Valley should also think about different flooring options.

But First…

Before we begin discussing the pros and cons of different flooring materials, let’s consider the essentials. Stripping your kitchen floor or replacing the flooring completely is a serious undertaking, so let’s consider how you can make the best of it.

First of all, if your kitchen is a room most used by all the family members (as mostly is), you would need a durable flooring material. What’s more, the ideal material would also be easy to clean and preferably comfortable for long standing while you cook.

Additionally, think about the overall style of your kitchen. Do you want the flooring to complement the style or do you want to revamp the whole kitchen? Either way, you have to think about how the flooring would go with the cabinets and countertops. Mind you, not all materials have to be the same type or color for your kitchen to have a well-balanced style.

Modern Kitchen Remodel Carmel Valley

That in mind, let’s check some of the popular luxury kitchen flooring options, from hardwood and natural stone to tiles.


Hardwood is the absolute winner in the group! This regal material is durable and offers an unrivaled visual appeal. It gives off the sense of warmth and ever-lasting sophistication. It’s excellent if you have an open-floor plan, since it works well in kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

Perhaps most importantly, hardwood is unlikely to go out of style, so you can be sure your kitchen will have a long-lasting appeal. What’s more, you will ensure an excellent resale value for your home should you decide to move since your kitchen floor will remain in tip-top state for decades to come.

Choose from a variety of options such as exotic hardwood, reclaimed hardwood or hand-scraped hardwood flooring, and you are sure to make your kitchen stand out!

Natural Stone

A coveted flooring material, natural stone comes in a variety of styles. Therefore, it can blend with almost any kitchen design and style, adding to its timeless charm. It’s surprisingly easy to clean, although it’s admittedly colder than most other materials. Nevertheless, it looks impressive, especially if you go for larger pieces and fewer grout lines.

An important thing to remember about natural stone flooring is that it requires a strong subfloor, so make sure you account for that if you go for this imposing material.


Bamboo is an extremely attractive flooring option. It’s warm and reminiscent of hardwood, although it offers a slightly more modern look. It’s also highly durable, but perhaps most importantly – it’s insect and moisture-resistant, so it’s great for people with allergies. Additionally, bamboo is made of renewable materials, so it’s an exceptionally eco-friendly option.

White Kitchen with hardwood Floor - Kitchen Remodel Carmel Valley

Ceramic Tiles

You can choose from a variety of hand-made designer ceramic tiles to give your kitchen a feel of class and style. For a truly unique feel, you can have custom-made ceramic tiles installed. Play with mosaic patterns to make your kitchen stand out with its bold sophistication.

Vinyl Tiles

Many homeowners feel that vinyl is simply a lower-end alternative to porcelain tiles, but that’s not the case with Luxury Vinyl Tiles. They can look as impressive as the porcelain ones, but they are more slip-resistant and a great deal quieter.

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If you wish to give your kitchen a makeover, Classic Home Improvements can help you see the bigger picture and not leave anything out. We are an award-winning home remodel company in Carmel Valley, with as many as 100 years of combined professional experience. Our staff has the experience, know-how and passion required to make a remarkable difference in your home. Call us today at (858) 224-7373 and treat your kitchen to a royal makeover!


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