Guide to Kitchen Sink Options

When you start planning your kitchen remodel, we tell customers that you will be making a lot of decisions.  We aren’t kidding!  Think about your kitchen sink.   It surprises people that not only do you have to decide what material type you want, you also need to decide what size sink you want.  Then you also have to decide the bowl type that fits your needs best.  Here are some stylish sink types for kitchens of all types of kitchens. Let’s break down these options to help you find your next sink!

Re-purposed kitchen sinks

Repurposed Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

If you are spending more money on other parts of the kitchen and don’t want to spend a lot on the sink, re-use an old sink. Shop at thrift stores or salvage shops and find a good functioning sink and have it refurbished. It’s a cost effect way of adding some character to your kitchen and save you some money.

Custom kitchen sinks

Custom Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos CA

Do you have an odd space that maybe a standard sink wont fit?  Try getting a custom sink.  This option allows for you to be creative in your choice. You can pick the material it’s made out of, color, size and so much more.

Professional kitchen sinks

Professional Sink - Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

Are you creating your dream kitchen with the theme of master chef,?  Then you need a professional sink.  A professional-grade sink to stand up to all of your cooking. These professional sinks have heavy-gauge stainless steel, washing space and deep basins.  Perfect for washing large pots and pans.

Fully integrated kichen sinks

Integrated Kitchen Sink - San Marcos Kitchen Remodel

Fully integrated sinks are sinks that have no molding, caulking or sink edge.  These are easy to clean and it has invisible sinks.  You will need the exact size and sink depth.  This option is getting more and more popular

Apron kitchen sinks

Apron Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos CA

Apron sinks don’t just belong in traditional kitchens; they can go with contemporary kitchens. Make sure your cabinet selection will fit this type of sink.

Hand painted kitchen sinks

Hand Painted Kitchen Sink - Custom Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

If you have a specific theme or style in your kitchen remodel and you want that theme to go down to the sink, it can be done. Hand painted sinks can add a personal flair to your kitchen and absolutely customize-able depending on the manufacturer.

Stone kitchen sinks

Stone Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos

A stone sink is very durable and Is usually made of the same stone as the countertop.  If you want something that is seamless and durable for your sink option, this is a great choice.  Price varies on countertop material and size.

Single bowl kitchen sinks Vs: Double bowl kitchen sinks

The debate rages on with which is the better choice. It really comes down to the homeowner and what they are comfortable with. One large single bowl is perfect for washing large pots and pans.  Having dual bowls is helpful to separate clean versus dirty dishes. The decision depends on your activities and how you use your kitchen sink.  If you decide on a dual bowl sink then your kitchen sink options start up again because you will need to determine the best bowl depths for your cooking lifestyle.

With so many options out there for sinks, it’s hard to nail one chose down.  Remember to think about how you use your sink, what will make your kitchen experience better and your overall design.

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