Defining when a contractor can start on your bathroom remodel

The holidays are approaching us fast and we are getting asked daily how long it will take for us start a bathroom remodel in San Marcos CA.  Bathroom remodeling timelines are not really that tricky, but they do depend on more than when the contractor has an opening in their schedule. Are you wondering what the factors are that determine when a remodeling contractor can start on your bathroom project?

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Type of bathroom

The type of bathroom you are going to remodel influences the start date.  If you are going to remodel a powder bathroom there are less moving parts than in remodeling a hall bathroom.  Some contractors may be able to get started much quicker.  A hall bathroom which is not going to require a permit will take less time to start than a master bathroom that is going to be completely gutted with a floor plan changes.

Permitted versus non-permitted

A bathroom remodel in San Marcos CA (or any other San Diego or Temecula project) which is going to be permitted will take longer to get started than a project that is not going to be permitted.  The reason is because of the extra steps that have to take place to get the project prepared for a permit to be submitted.  Then the permit process itself takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks (or longer, sometimes, if changes are required).

How decisive you are

How quickly you can select products will also be a factor in deciding when the contractor can start on your project.  The more available you make yourself to go shopping and the more decisive you are in regards to design – the quicker your contractor can get started on your project.  Oh, and if you are in a hurry – make sure you to select products that are readily available!  Selecting a tub that is back-ordered 8 weeks is not going to help your contractor get started on your project quickly.

How busy the remodeling team is

The winter is surprisingly busy for bathroom remodeling companies in San Marcos CA. Homeowners who want to have their permitted bathroom remodeled in time for the holiday parties they have planned are typically building their bathrooms by September (which means they started the process in July or August).  Your remodeling contractor will not want to disappoint previously contracted homeowners which means your project may be delayed in starting until they have completed other projects.  This works out best for you, as well.  Once construction begins on your project, you do not want to see multiple delays due to having labor spread too-thin on multiple jobs.

Planning a Bathroom Remodel in San Marcos CA?

If your question is not “how much does a bathroom remodel cost?”, but “how quickly can we get started?”…. then we suggest you start with the end in mind.  Come up with a date that you want to have your project completed by and share that with your contractor.  Your remodeling contractor will be able to assist you with determining if your completion date is realistic.  If you ready to discuss your San Marcos CA bathroom remodel, call us for a free consultation today at 858-224-7373!




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