Roof Replacement – Signs of a Deteriorating Roof

Your roof protects the interior of your home, it’s vital to keep you safe from the elements so give it more attention before something drastic happens.  Are you wondering if your roof needs to be replaced?   Here are some warning signs you can look for to determine if it is time to call a contractor to come give you a roof replacement estimate.

Age of roof

First things first, how old is your roof?  Experts have put their heads together and have agreed that a typical roof can last between 20 and 25 years.  It also depends if the roof has been removed in the past, how many layers of shingles it has and if it ventilated properly.

Check out your shingles

Another good indication is if your shingles are curling or buckling. Take a good look at your roof when you have direct sunlight. If you can see shingles curling it means your shingles are past their life span and it’s time to replace them.



How are the valleys in your roof? If you have shingles that are falling apart or missing, it’s a major sign you need a new roof. The valley of your roof is the most important. When weather occurs whether it be rain or snow, that flows through the valley and into the gutters, if you are missing or have broken shingles, your roof is exposed and the elements can to the roof.


Check your gutters

Another great way to check to see if your roof is failing is by checking your gutters. If your gutters are loaded with shingle granules, that is a sign your shingles are worn and breaking down. Your shingles are losing their integrity to hold up against the elements.

Take a walk

Have you walked on your roof to survey the area (do this carefully, or call a San Diego roofer)? Ever notice a trampoline like bounce when you walk on the roof or a sponge like feel when you walk. That means that your roof has been weakened by moisture. The best way to confirm this is by going to your attic and looking through the roof boards. If you can see sunlight coming through the roof boards, you will need a new roof.


Look at your ceilings

A great way of spotting roof damage is from the inside of your home. Are you seeing stains on the ceiling or wall? This is an urgent warning sign that your roof is damaged. Act quickly if not you may also notice a sagging ceiling.


Check out the surface of your roof

Is your entire roof all one color? Or are you seeing spots? Dark and dirty areas of your roof are signs of environmental pollutants, vegetation, fungus or algae growth.


Loose or exposed nails are also a big indicator of roof failure. If nails are present it’s because water flow has pushed them up from the shingles and exposing the roof.

Monitor your electric bill

Have you noticed a change in your electric bill? Are heating and cooling costs more than usual? It could be an indication that a leak in the roof is forcing your heating costs to rise. A leaky roof can puncture the ventilation making the hot and cold air escape from the home.

Time to call a San Diego roofer?

Next time you are outside look at your roof, see if you notice any of these things happening to your home.  If you see a reason to be concerned, call Classic Home Improvements to come out and assess the damage.   Getting an estimate for roof replacement and roof repairs are free!

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