This Is Why Homeowners in Temecula Love Room Additions!

Admittedly, building a room addition can take up more time than a simple remodel, and also cost more. However, more and more Temecula homeowners are opting for this kind of project.

Why is that?

For most of them, it’s about space. With a growing family, there just never seems to be enough space. So, instead of moving, a family can have an extra room and the much-needed space. For others, it’s about enhancing the appeal and value of their house.

For more reasons why room additions are so popular in Temecula, read on!

More Space

As we mentioned, the main reason for building a room addition is the need for more space. Imagine everything you could do with an extra room! You can give it any purpose you need, be it an additional bathroom, bedroom, home office or a sunroom.

Luxurious Sunroom - Room Additions Temecula CA

Some homeowners simply need the extra space to store their valuables safely and comfortably. Instead of storing family memorabilia and other valuable items in the garage or closet, you can have a dedicated room to keep everything neat and tidy.

More Privacy

Sometimes you just want to kick back and relax, maybe read a good book or binge watch your favorite TV show without anyone disturbing you. If you are blessed with a big family, privacy is often hard to achieve. And it’s not only about you – your children also crave a space that will be just their own. A well-designed room addition can give you just that.

More Money

As an excellent return on investment, a room addition can bring you more money than initially invested.

How is this achieved?

By renting the extra room out. In that way, you will have additional income every month. Before you know it, the room addition will have paid itself off, and you will have more money month after month.

More Functionality

If your bathroom is always busy in the morning, causing all family members to be late for school or work, it’s a clear sign you need a bathroom addition. Or perhaps you need a quiet space to work, in which case you can build a home office. There is a number of ways in which an additional room can improve the way you move around your house. By making your home space more functional, you will start seeing improvements in your daily routine organization, as well.

Added Luxury

Although space and functionality are a solid motivation for building a room addition, some homeowners decide on this project just to make their house more luxurious. For example, building a spacious closet for clothes, footwear and accessories speaks volumes about your wealth, and also style.

Spacious Closet - Room Additions Temecula CA

Added Value

It’s an established fact that an additional kitchen or a master bathroom can significantly boost the resale value of a home. Some homeowners go for bump-out additions so as to enlarge their existing kitchen or bathroom, adding more luxury, comfort and functionality. All of the mentioned enhance the appeal of a house, and by the same token – its value.

The Best Option for Room Additions in Temecula, CA!

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