Kitchen Remodel For the New Year

We are hearing more and more frequently that homeowners are having a hard time getting return phone calls from San Marcos kitchen remodel specialists.  It’s really the same all over San Diego and Temecula!  The reason is because this is the busy season for remodeling contractors.  Most projects are coming out of permits and are getting ready to build in September and October.  If you are planning a kitchen remodel for the New Year then you need to start getting your estimates TODAY.  Not tomorrow.  Do not wait!  Below, we have included some timeline information  that you need to be very aware of when planning your San Marcos kitchen remodel (this really applies to anywhere in San Diego and Temecula, all areas we service, by the way!).

 Kitchen Remodel Timeline

No PermitsWith Permits
Selecting A Contractor2-3 Weeks2-3 Weeks
Finalization of Design1-2 Weeks1-2 Weeks
Obtaining Permits06 Weeks
Product Selection & Delivery6 Weeks6 Weeks
Construction6-8 Weeks8-10 Weeks
Total Time15-19 Weeks23 – 27 Weeks

The kitchen remodel timeline above is a rough projection.  Your specific kitchen remodel timeline will vary depending on the scope of work being performed and the size of the kitchen remodel itself.

Selecting a contractor – 3 weeks

When you start looking to get estimates for your San Marcos kitchen remodel, you need to budget 3 weeks to meet with contractors.  Typically you will have two meetings (per contractor). The first meeting is to gather information, formulate a kitchen remodel design, and take measurements.  Your second appointment is typically to view the 3D design and review the proposal and estimate.   San Marcos kitchen remodel contractors usually ask for 7-10 days to prepare your estimate.  Will the process start-to-finish take you 3 weeks?  It depends on your availability as much as it depends on your contractor’s availability.  It also depends on whether or not your contractor NAILED it on the design and estimate on the first round.  3 weeks is a safe bet in our opinion if you are motivated to get started and have a flexible schedule.

White Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Remodel Encinitas

Designing your kitchen – 2 weeks

Finalizing the design between you and your contractor, schedule and taking final measurements of the existing footprint, and creating architectural drawings to build adds 1-2 weeks.  Most of the time delays are in scheduling coordination between you and the contractor.

Obtaining City Permits – 6 weeks

Do not forget that permits may be required for your kitchen remodel!  If you are moving walls, moving or adding plumbing or electrical then you will require permits.   If you are getting permits you need to tack on at least 6 weeks in your schedule (permits usually take 4-6 weeks if there are no city delays, corrections, or additional reviews needed).

 Warm Kitchen Cabinets - San Marcos Kitchen Remodel

Product selection and delivery:  5-6 weeks

Selecting the finish materials for your San Marcos kitchen remodel can take quite a long time. Classic Home Improvements provides 4 hours product selection time with a coordinator to help expedite the process.  This is not a standard service though in San Marcos so ask your contractor if they help you with picking out your countertops, sinks, lighting, flooring, painting, etc.  Once materials are ordered you are looking at 5-6 weeks to get all the materials delivered.  Most reputable contractors will not start on your project until all your finish materials have been delivered.  This helps to reduce construction time in your home if there is a material back-order or defective item.

Construction:  6-8 weeks

Once you start on construction there are some variables that need to be considered.  Each project is very individual in scope, complexity, and size.  We think it is best to budget 8 weeks. Holiday schedules, the access your contractor is given to the job site, and potential delays due to inspections may increase this time frame.

Budgeting for 8 weeks should keep you from disappointment.  Best case scenarios (if you are not using a handyman service) you can expect your kitchen remodel construction time to be to 4-6 weeks if you are just updating.  If you are doing a complete makeover with custom work (adding an island, removing a wall, etc) expect 8-10 weeks.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to suggest budgeting 8 weeks.  Use the higher time frame if you have a complex project.  ALWAYS get your schedule from your contractor because each remodeling contractor has a different schedule and timeline (which change throughout the year depending on how much work they have going on).

Scheduling to get started on your San Marcos kitchen remodel

As you can see by the kitchen remodel timeline above – if you want to have your San Marcos kitchen remodel completed by the New Year then you are a little behind the eight ball.  We took the highest range of each stage of your remodel to get our point across.  Can you hire a contractor in September or October and have your kitchen remodeled by the end of January?  Yes, but you had better move QUICK, be planning a simple remodel, and be very available to your contractor (and know that you have hired a contractor that can expedite the process on his/her end).  You will have to make quick decisions, resist making changes in scope of work, and select finish products which are not on back-order.  Most importantly – you must pick up the phone TODAY to get your free estimate.

Whether you are planning a San Marcos kitchen remodel – or anywhere else in San Diego or Temecula – give us a call to schedule that free consultation.

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