Benefits of Having a Steam Shower

Modern day steam showers came around in 1960s and from there it grew in popularity.  We have not seen as many in recent years but we have noticed recently that they are coming back! So why should you jump on this trend train when remodeling your San Diego bathroom?

Respiratory Relief

There many more reason why you should consider a steam shower besides relaxation.   Steam can provide amazing health benefits!  Steam has been used throughout times for healing, religious ceremonies and most importantly for relaxation.  Steam showers are easier to work than various other steam saunas.  Additionally, steam bathing can benefit your respiratory health by opening your nasal passages to improve your breathing.  If you suffer from asthma-type symptoms, it can help provide temporary relief.

Skin Benefits

There are also skin care benefits that comes with steam showers.  Steam cleanses the skin, opens pores relieves acne, hydrates dry skin, lubricates and rejuvenates your skin. Steam will you feeling like new and your skin will be glowing. Besides looking fantastic and having a glow, steam is also great for holistic health.  Steam bathing removes toxins from your body and increase circulation. Steam can help the body rid itself of sodium and relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis. You can boost metabolism, blood circulation, reinvigorate tired muscles, increase flexibility and even burn 150 calories in a 15-minute steam bathing session.

Mental relief and body fatigue

Chromotheraphy can be added to your steam shower to assist in treating migraines.  Steam showers help with body fatigue, as well.   When planning the construction plan on add a bench or fold out seat.  Lounging seats can be made as well so you can lounge in the steam shower. Control pads are a must because they control everything you your shower. It allows you to set the temperature and the length of your steam session. Adjust the lights or turn the music on.  Add some multicolored light to your steam shower.   Don’t forget ventilation is key. Incorporating airflow with bathroom exhaust fans and its can lessen the time to dry out a steam shower after use.

Steam showers uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 1/2 hour steam bath and it increases equity in your home. Steam showers can be added to an existing shower with a few adjustments. A steam shower is a luxury item it’s expensive make sure you hire an experienced installed. A steam shower that is improperly build can self-destruct in less than three months.





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