Flooring layout options for your home remodeling project

Most home remodeling projects in San Marcos CA include installing new flooring.  There are a more than a few things to consider when selecting your flooring.  First, you need to determine what type of flooring you want installed.  Then you select the color.  Next you will determine how you want the flooring laid out.  If you are working with a remodeling contractor you will be presented with a layout to approve.  If you are installing the flooring yourself (or you want to guide your remodeling contractor in a certain direction) then here are some flooring layout options to consider:

Straight Layout  This is a very basic straight forward and simply way to layout tile

Straight Lay Floor - Home Remodeling San Diego

Diagonal Layout:  A diagonal tile is set at a 45-degree angle. It makes the floor feel large.

Diagonal Tile - Home Remodeling San Marcos CA

Brick Layout:  Brick layout is a classic layout for placing Subway tile. Each row is offset to create long horizontal lines. Subway tiles are typically 3×6 but this brick layout can be used with various other sizes of tile.


Running Bond :  This layout also referred to as a brick layout however this layout has tiles offset by half the width of the tile so it gives some dimension to the floor.

Modern Tile Flooring - San Diego Home Improvement

Checkerboard:  Two colors of square tile alternate to create a pattern. They can be set straight or on a diagonal

Checkerboard Tile Flooring - Remodeling San Diego

Diagonal with dots: This is a nice way to bring two tiles together. Lay out large tiles in a diagonal shape and add small diagonal tile to bring the tiles together in the corners. This is a great way to add more color and style to a diagonal layout.

Diagonal Tile - Home Renovation San Diego

Pinwheel:  This tile layout is also known a hopscotch, a small square tile is surround by four larger ones. Use darker tiles for the larger portions and a colorful color for the smaller tiles. This can add a unique look to your floor with small pops of colors.

Pinwheel Tile Flooring - San Diego Home Remodeling

Basket weave:  This is a classic pattern that can be made with squares and rectangles to create a weave effect.

Basket Weave Tile Flooring - Home Remodeling San Diego

Modular:  This tile layout is when three or more different-sized tiles are used to form a pattern.

Modular Flooring Layout - Home Remodeling San Diego CA

Windmill:  This is pattern where square tile is surrounded by four rectangles. The effect is like a grid of dots.

Windmill Tile Flooring Layout - Remodeling San Diego CA

Vertical Brick Layout:  This layout is a vertical twist to the horizontal layout. This layout is coming into the fold more often now because the look is very different and not traditional but gives the room a more contemporary feeling.


Stacked Layout :  This probably the simplest layout of all tile layouts. This layout gives your area a more modern flair and it looks great in any tile you may pick.

Stacked Tile Layout - Remodeling San Diego

Mosaic Layout:  The mosaic layout works great for mosaic tiles that are 1-inch by 1-inch square in glass or stone tiles. Mosaic tiles are not just square they come in various shapes, sizes and textures.


Herringbone or Chevron Layout:  A herringbone pattern is a pattern where tiles are laid into zigzag formations. This look is very sophisticated, modern look and can be done virtually anywhere.  The angle of this tile creates a unique look for any space and surface.


The variations of layouts colors and types of tiles are endless but this will help you get on the right track of what kind of floor your new remodel will have.  When you are ready to discuss your next home remodeling project, give us a call at 858-224-7373!


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