Kitchen Appliances You Must Include In Your New Kitchen

When homeowners hire us to complete their kitchen remodel, they frequently ask if they should go out and buy their appliances.  Our suggestions is to select appliances but not purchase them until we have had an opportunity to ensure the selection will work within the kitchen design.  As a San Marcos kitchen remodel contractor, here is a quick introduction to the different types of kitchen appliances you will be exposed to in the local showrooms.


Kitchen Range - San Marcos Kitchen Remodeling Company

Ranges are a necessity in the kitchen but do you settle for something simple or something that says you are a pro chef in the kitchen? There are so many ranges to choose from, there are standard slide-in freestanding, stainless steel, commercial-style and vintage cast iron ranges. Depending on your style of the remodel pick something you will love and what will work with your design.  Tip:  ask your San Marcos kitchen remodel contractor if you need to select a gas or electric range.


Oven Below Cooktop - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos CA

In kitchen remodels we have stopped seeing the average ovens and cooktop combo and are seeing cooktops in one area and ovens in a wall. Separating the two is great because it opens the doors to many possibilities. Double ovens, wall ovens, warming drawers and steam ovens can all be added to your kitchen remodel, or just the one ones you really one.


Double Oven Microwave on Top - San Marcos Kitchen Remodeler

Having a separate cooktop allows you to have more room to cook around the kitchen. Don’t be disrupted during a task to move out of the way to put something in the oven. Keeping everything separate is convenient way of cooking. You have individual space and you keep your cooking and baking separate.


Modern Refrigerator - Custom Kitchen Remodel Contractor San Marcos CA

Refrigerators are a big part of your kitchen so picking the right refrigerator can be a unique experience. It is very easy to go overboard on your refrigerator selection. Make sure you pick a fridge that was everything you need and works for all your needs. Some fridges have bottom-freezer built-in to the refrigerator perfect for storing lots of items.  Tip:  ask your San Marcos kitchen remodel contractor if they have preferred vendors in town, you might be able to save some money on your purchase!


Modern Appliances - Kitchen Renovation San Marcos CAMicrowaves are starting to look trendy in new kitchens. Some are built in and some are countertop versions. Typically, in new remodels we tend to see more built in microwaves. Built ins are microwaves that are installed in a cabinet and has custom fitting and kits. These can be located and placed in various parts of the kitchen. Some are over the stove or on top of a build in oven. Others are built into the island with a microwave drawer installed instead of a typical microwave. If none of these are your style a stand countertop microwave can work just the same.

Wine refrigerators

Love wine but not a wine connoisseur? No problem wine refrigerators are starting to pop up more and more in kitchen remodels. Wine refrigerators come with single or dual refrigeration. No depending on what types of wine you want to store, the type of refrigeration is important. A single-zone fridge works well if you are storing one type of wine. Dual-zone refrigerators allows you to store multiple types of wine in the same refrigerator. So your love for wine can impact the cost and size of your next wine refrigerator!

We know remodeling a kitchen is a tough process but that is why we suggest reaching out to a San Marcos kitchen remodel contractor before you go out and purchase anything.  Make sure you select your appliances and review with your contractor before making the purchase. Knowing the sizes and type of appliances you are putting in the new kitchen will help alleviate any headache for the cabinet company or installer and can save you money in the long run.

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