3 Tips for planning a whole house remodel

Classic Home Improvements is proud to offer San Diego whole house remodeling services. Many times when customers are looking to build an addition to the house, they end up remodeling the whole house.  Remodeling is similar to pulling on a string on your sweater.  As soon as you pull the string the whole shirt starts to unravel.  In remodeling, once you upgrade one portion of the house, you start wanting to remodel the adjacent space.  Here are some tips on where to start when planning a whole house remodel:

Contact a San Diego Whole House Remodeling Contractor

San Diego Whole House Remodeling contractors are typically Design Build firms, which are different from the type of remodeling companies you would reach out to for a basic kitchen or bathroom remodel.  Design Build companies help you from concept to design and through construction.  Most San Diego whole house remodeling contractors have great reputations because they have been in construction their whole careers.  This means they have processes and procedures in place to ensure your project will be completed on time and on budget.

Architect Versus Design-Build

Some homeowners assume they have to start with an architect or a designer when planning a San Diego whole house remodeling project.  Learn the difference between working with an architect versus design-build firm.

Note:  A contractor who says they can not help you until you have worked with an architect is NOT a design build firm.

Another important note:  If you sign a design agreement, you have essentially decided that you are going to use that contractor for their construction services if you decide to move forward with the project.  Read up on the difference between an estimate and a design agreement so you understand the difference before meeting with your contractors.

Research the pros and cons of living in the home during the remodeI

You are making a plethora of decisions about style and design and spending a small fortune when remodeling a whole house.  On top of that, construction incredibly dirty, dusty, and smelly.  There is no way around it.  There may be times you are without water or electricity.  On top of that, construction is noisy.

A whole house remodel will not be completed in 4 weeks like a simple remodel.  Your San Diego whole house remodeling project can take anywhere from 4 months to 12 months, depending on the complexity of the project.  That can be incredibly stressful and may affect your family and work life negatively.  So for the love of Pete, spend some time considering the pros and cons of living elsewhere during your remodel.


Before you reach out to a San Diego Whole House Remodeling Contractor, check out some images of a recently completed project by Classic Home Improvements in Scripps Ranch (and then give us a call! 858-224-7373).  We are a design build firm, although we are happy to provide an estimate to build your remodel if you have already reached out to an architect or designer.

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