Small Vista Galley Kitchen Remodel for Best Use of Space

Galley style kitchens in Vista CA homes have narrow passageways with counter space and appliances on two sides. Your work space runs between the two. Some have doors at both ends of the room. Some are U-shaped while others open directly into the next room.

A galley kitchen remodel for your Vita home can provide maximum efficiency in a smaller space. Small galley kitchens can have increased usable storage space by working vertically, with hanging pots, dish racks, and ceiling-hung cabinets. Galley kitchen aisles generally measure from 4 to 6 feet wide. Two parallel counters with a central walkway make each of the points of the work triangle accessible.

Galley kitchen remodeling ideas should always include the key point of color. If you stick to neutral colors in your galley kitchen, they will open up a cramped space. Nothing opens up a compact space quite like light, so be sure to budget for several lighting sources. Install a window, if you don’t already have one, for the sun’s natural light to flow in. Bright kitchens add cheer to your life. Dark and dreary kitchens are not inviting. If a window is not an option then consider adding recessed or hanging lights.

Of all kitchen remodeling ideas for galley kitchens, proper layout and workflow design are vital. The most efficient layouts put just a few steps between the appliances and the sink. Traditionally, galley kitchen designs usually have the fridge and sink along one wall and the stove on the other. Ample areas for food prep tasks also helps create a functional work space.

Cupboards and storage should be carefully considered as well. Since galley kitchens tend to be small, you should give lots of thought to effective use of every available inch of space. Tighter shelving and lazy Susan style carousels could be viable options to maximize kitchen storage space and still provide easy accessibility.

No matter what kind of design strategies you might be making, you should evaluate the different ways you can be making effective use of your small galley kitchen space. By doing so, you are able to choose the elements of design which best suit your needs and lifestyle.

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